Hey guys, I know I said I would still update this blog but it’s honestly looking really unlikely at this point. I’ve pretty much just moved all my hockey stuff to my main blog. So I just wanted to say that I probably won’t be updating this blog at all anymore!

I am active over at my main account! Follow there, unfollow here, or do neither, it’s up to you! :)

(If you’re wondering, my main blog IS seriously 95% kings-centric still, but I do post some things from other teams there, as well is miscellaneous stuff.)

Saturday, 15th of June
Sunday, 9th of June

to the anon asking for the cmon jeffrey gif, im sorry i posted it on my main instead of on this blog, a little late but posting it on here in a second.. sorry anon

Sunday, 9th of June
Anonymous asked:
Can you post the c'mon Jeffrey gif by it self that shit is sooooooooo cute i can't even breathe

(it took me a sec to figure out what you were talking about haha i am slow in the mornings) of course, anon! your wish is my command! <3

Saturday, 8th of June

Hey guys, this blog will still be updated. HOWEVER, I’m much more active on my main account (

So if you want to follow there, that’d be great too :) Of course it’s still mostly Kings, but with some other misc teams at times as well. Just wanted to give you all a heads up, because I’ve been posting on this blog less and less!

So, yeah. I’ll still update this blog (too much work went into organizing it, can’t stop now) but I WILL be posting more on my main blog, a lot of more joking things that I don’t want to post on this blog, too.

Tuesday, 4th of June


faces of the game | round 3 - game 2 | 2013.06.02
(other sets HERE)

Monday, 3rd of June
Monday, 3rd of June

Don’t worry guys, this blog will continue to be a celebration of the Kings and not the failures of other teams.




Monday, 3rd of June
Monday, 3rd of June


Penner and Stoll meet the press | 2013.06.02

Monday, 3rd of June
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